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South East Grey Youth Recognition Awards


National Youth Week, May 1-7, is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding youth and recognize their active participation, ability to inspire others in their community and their ability to overcome adversity. Whether it is recreation, drama, sport, dance, civic engagement, art, volunteerism or leadership, every day young people are involved in meaningful activities.


The Youth Roots Coalition of South East Grey is pleased to recognize the following youth for their contributions and volunteerism within their school and home communities.


Congratulations to these very engaged and community-minded Youth.


Alexandra (Ally) McInnes, Eugenia – Nominated by Elaine Miske, Eugenia District Community Improvement Association (EDCIA)

Since Ally McInnes was 10 years old she has been an active community volunteer, assisting in setting up and taking down, as well as participating in, the Eugenia Gold Rush Day and was voted the 2014 Volunteer of the Year by the Gold Rush Committee. Ally has also been recognized for her positive and continued support of the Eugenia Santa Clause Parade Float, Eugenia Family Day at the lake and the annual Spring clean-up, Pancake Tuesdays at the Anglican Church in Markdale, and has climbed the CN Tower twice in support of the World Wildlife Fund. Ally has been volunteering for the EDCIA for the past 6 years and is a valued, reliable youth volunteer and an inspiration to others.


Ebony White, Eugenia – Nominated by Brianne MacDowell, SEGCHC

Ebony is well known around her school for being so hardworking and spending a lot of time giving to her community. She is VERY involved in her school, and spends most of her spare time working on her different committee initiatives, which directly impacts the great community she lives in. She is captain of the Humanitarian Club, and works hard to organize and run fundraisers. Ebony also is the fundraising rep on student council, and is part of the Healthy Active Living Committee being in charge of fundraising of extra-curricular sports and equipment. She runs annual winter clothing drives, which has run for two years now. She asks for clothing donations, and then brings them to local organizations such as the Food Banks and The Salvation Army. This year they gathered 700 items! She always offers to help The Wellness Zone with advertising their programs and events and has helped run their Find Us Fridays activities! She also sits on the Youth Roots Coalition and provides a very strong youth voice to the table.


Gracie Post and Chloe Watson, Dundalk – Nominated by Brianne MacDowell and Allison Whitten, SEGCHC

Gracie and Chloe have been a part of the Highpoint Community School After School program for some time, first as participants and now as a program leaders. As volunteers of both the After School and ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ programs in Dundalk, Chloe and Gracie devote time every week/twice a week to assisting students in physical activity, social interactions and cooking skills.  The Community Health Centre staff have come to rely on both Gracie and Chloe for their natural leadership skills and believe that without them the Dundalk programs might not continue. 

Chloe loves the program and says that she likes that she can have fun with it, and it’s not “serious” or boring. Outside of the CHC, Chloe also volunteers at her dance studio coaching the younger participants, babysitting and doing other small community jobs. Chloe is a great example for all the kids in the area and they all look up to her and her hardworking nature.

Gracie enjoys helping with programs and working with kids … and the kids love having her around and look up to her as a great role model! Outside of the CHC programs, Gracie babysits for local parents and volunteers with reading programs and missionary trips.  Gracie puts others before herself, is an exemplary community member and exhibits traits beyond her years.

We cannot express how thankful we are for Choe’s and Gracie’s commitment to the community. The Healthy Kids Program would not be the success it is without them.


Southgate Youth Action Committee (YAC)– Nominated by Dave Milliner, Southgate Seniors Advisory Council and Egremont Optimist Club


2017/2018 YAC members Emma Hill, Alexis Kimball, Cheyanne Johnston, Brinlee Pennings, Kellie Rourke, Mariah and Alexis Train and Chloe Toldnes all deserve to be recognized for their continued efforts in planning and facilitating youth events in the Township of Southgate.


Since YAC started in the summer of 2016, they have had tremendous success with events targeted towards youth engagement of all ages.


YAC events have been targeted at youth of all ages to create a fun atmosphere so that youth can be engaged and actively participate in their community. With the help of adult allies, Township of Southgate staff and the Southeast Grey Community Health Centre, YAC were able to host the International Youth Day that included a colour obstacle course, skateboard demonstration, BBQ and many other activities. They engaged with other community partners such as the Southgate Fire Department, the Dundalk Lions Club, the Seniors Young at Heart group and others to make the event successful, including securing sponsorships for prizing and other donations.


Other events that the YAC have offered include free skating and movie events hosted at the Dundalk Community Centre and the Egremont Optimist Center in an effort to have participation from both the east and west sides of the Township. YAC have a number of events on the horizon such as collaborating with the Grey Highlands Horticultural program and another International Youth Day to be held August 11, 2018.


In support of this nomination, letters from both the Southgate Seniors Advisory Council and the Egremont Optimist Club were received with excerpts below:


Ellie Adams, President of Egremont Optimist Club – “The Egremont Optimist Club in Holstein wanted to host a kids activities day and sought the assistance of the Southgate Youth Action Committee. Not only did they help, but they organized the entire event … We believe this is the start of a Community Family Day gathering that only will grow in popularity, thanks to the Southgate Youth Action committee.  We were most grateful for their help and were very impressed by their organization and effort.”


Doris Nurcombe, Southgate Seniors Advisory Council – “I wish to express my appreciation of the efforts of the Youth Advisory Committee of Southgate for their contribution to the 2017 International Youth Day at Dundalk … The day was a challenge as it alternated between sun and rain.  But rain or shine the festivities and fun continued with the Youth Advisory Committee taking leadership roles in the program … The Youth Action Committee is a group of teenagers who should be commended for stepping up into a new role, a role of community involvement and leadership. We are proud of them and feel they will be role models for their peers…”


We believe that YAC members are a great example of young minds that have the power to come together and make a difference. We know that the dedicated group of YAC members deserve their endeavors to be recognized.





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