Memory Clinic

This clinic sees people presenting with signs and symptoms of cognitive impairment, such as memory problems or personality change. We do need a referral from your health care provider.

Symptoms of memory loss and changes in thinking:

  • Rapid forgetting
  • Repeated questions or conversations
  • Losing items frequently or regularly, for example a wallet or keys Forgetting appointments, birthdays, or social commitments
  • Frequently getting lost while driving
  • Regular problems finding words during conversations
  • Difficulty learning new skills
  • Reduced ability in doing familiar tasks (example: paying bills or cooking) Feeling overwhelmed or confused by new situations

Please note: This clinic is not for people who have already been diagnosed with dementia or who have unstable pre-existing psychiatric or medical conditions or who are in states of delirium that may interfere with cognitive testing.

We use a team approach to diagnose, treat and support problems associated with memory loss. The team members work with your Primary Care Provider to provide comprehensive care for conditions involving memory loss. For many of these conditions, early diagnosis and treatment can help to maintain and support cognitive health and quality of life.

Our team is run by a nurse practitioner, memory clinic nurse, geriatric physician, pharmacist, and an Alzheimer's Society counsellor.