Y.U.M Program

YUM: Your Unique Meal

YUM can help you access nutritious meals, especially if you are having a hard time preparing your own meals. YUM was initially designed for individuals with specific dietary restrictions (i.e, food allergies and intolerances, difficulty chewing, swallowing issues, etc) who are unable to prepare meals for themselves or cannot meet their nutritional needs through existing community food supports.

Our volunteer Chef works with a registered dietitian to establish recipes. The Chef then prepares several meals for specific individuals and the community in general. Meals are frozen at the South East Grey Community Health Centre. Once you get your meals, you can heat the meal in the microwave when ready to eat. No microwave? Let us know so we can make alternate arrangements.



Individuals that have specific dietary restrictions who are having difficulties making their own meals or difficulty affording fee-for-service meal programs can access the YUM program.

Please call us if you need help accessing meals. People can still access YUM if they also access other community food programs.


What to Expect:

Call or leave a message to register with one of our team members at the South East Grey Community Health Centre. We may take a couple days to return your phone call. Once contacted we will collect information about your dietary restrictions and how the YUM program can accommodate you.

 We will call you when we have meals available to arrange pick up options (delivery can be arranged if transportation is a barrier).

NOTE: Due to COVID19, we are seeing a growing need for meals, we will try to get as many meals as possible to everyone, however the number of meals available may be limited at this time. We will work with you to ensure you have food. Please talk to us about your needs.


Contact Us:

To inquire or access meals, please call the South East Grey Community Health Centre at 519-986-2222 and ask for the YUM Frozen Meal program. Meals will be available by appointment at the South East Grey Community Health Centre in Markdale and the Dundalk Medical Clinic, but can also be delivered as needed.

More Programs:

We will also do our best to make sure people accessing YUM know about other programs so community members can decide what programs make the most sense for them.

You can also call 2-1-1 or go online to www.211ontario.ca to find out about many other community food programs.  Locally, people can access the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Heart to Home Meals, Chef-at-Home Free Hot Meal Delivery (COVID19 only), and more.

Looking to Give Back?

You can donate financially to the CHC and designate it to community food programs. See our donations page https://www.segchc.ca/aboutus.php?pgid=10

We can accept food donations, but please contact us to inquire about what food we need, when we can accept the type of food you have to offer and to arrange delivery.

We can also use volunteers and partnerships with local businesses and organizations to increase the reach of our programs. Please contact us for more information!