Process for Becoming a Patient

Once we receive your completed application, Medical Administration will input your information into the computer system.  You are now a patient of the CHC.  From there, your application form is given to the Clinical Director who will assign you to the most appropriate and available primary care provider.  This may be a Nurse Practitioner (NP) or a Doctor.  Special requests for individuals cannot always be accommodated for various reasons.  If you refuse to see a NP, this may not be the best location to get your primary care.  NPs are an integral part of our team and provide health care across the province and in most Provinces.  Click here to read more about the Nurse Practitioner Role.  In most cases, you and your family will be assigned to one provider. If there are different last names on forms, please ensure a note is made that you are all a part of one family. 

Your application form is then given to one of our intake nurse, who will call you to do a phone intake.  This is to update your chart, ask pertinent demographic information and further expedite your future appointments in clinic.  You will be asked about immunization history, and cancer screening as appropriate.  You will be informed of whom your primary care provider will be and you will have the opportunity to set up an appointment if necessary.  You will be given information about the clinic including how to get prescriptions refilled, information on urgent care and same day appointments, nursing appointments and how to access them.  We will ask you not to utilize the Emergency Room for your primary care or urgent care needs during our business hours.  Concerns like coughs, sore throats, urinary tract infections and medication renewals need to be seen here. This allows us to better have a sense of your medical needs.  Chest pain, difficulty breathing and traumatic injuries need to be seen in the ER.

Due to the high volume of applications being received at this time, our wait times have increased. Thank you for your patience while your application is triaged. If your situation becomes urgent, please call the clinic.

When you actually come to the CHC to meet your new provider, you will also have a tour of our facility and a welcome package will be given with all the information that you may want.  

Welcome to the CHC!  We look forward to providing up to date and timely care to you and your family and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship on the wellness journey!

Click here to fill out the Request for a Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner Form.