Tai Chi

tai chiBeginner Tai Chi

Video based.  Improve balance, concentration and coordination learning the ancient art of Tai Chi. Each week will build on the previous week(s) experience. Each class will begin with warm-up exercises designed to strengthen and improve flexibility. Then, work will continue on Tai Chi form and moving with the breath. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve overall health.


Location: Erskine Community Health Centre - 90 Artemesia St N, Dundalk and South East Grey Community Health Centre (Markdale Site) 


Registration: Not required.

South East Grey Community Health Centre
55 Victoria Avenue, P.O. Box 360
Markdale, ON   N0C1H0
Tel: 519-986-2222
Toll Free: 1-855-519-2220
Fax: 519-986-3999



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