Student Health Clinic at GHSS

The student Health Clinic office is located across from the gymnasium. There are a variety of health care professionals available to support physical and emotional well-being to GHSS student.  The clinic is open on most school days and during regular school hours.  You can find a calendar posted on the clinic door outlining which Health Clinic staff is available for each day as well as any schedule changes.


All services are available free of charge.


Students can connect directly with Health Clinic staff by dropping an appointment request slip in the drop box located outside the Health Clinic door. School office staff, teachers or parents are also available to help with an appointment request by submitting a referral to the Health Clinic.


All available services are voluntary and student focused. Consultation to school staff and parents is also available upon request.


Nurse Practitioner

Students can see a Nurse Practitioner for health education, sexual health and low cost birth control, physical exams, or to diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries such as depression, anxiety, ear infections, urinary tract infections, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, sports injuries, etc. The Nurse Practitioner is available on Wednesdays.



A dietitian sees students to support healthy eating for a variety of dietary needs including eating for proper growth and development, sports nutrition, healthy weight, allergies, and other dietary requirements. She is available to answer any of your food and nutrition questions. The Dietitian is in the clinic on Tuesdays.


Social Worker

Students can see a Social Worker for counselling and support if they want to talk about school stress, friend stress, symptoms of depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, anger, life transitions and losses, family and/or partner relationship problems, school concerns, and other life challenges.


Please visit the School Health Clinic or call our main Centre at 519-986-2222 for more information.



Services are also provided at the school by CHOICES Drug & Alcohol Counseling for Youth. To make a referral to CHOICES, call 519-371-5487.