As you know, in the last year we became parents, and had the opportunity to experience the incredible work of the CHC first hand. Below I have shared a short paragraph about our experience. Please feel free to share this across social channels, within the CHC, and wherever you see fit, and encourage others to share their own experiences. I think there is a lot of potential here to get people talking about why the CHC is so valuable to our community. Thank you for doing what you do! 
As a new mother, the care that I and my first child received from the CHC was exceptional. When our baby's weight gain began to slow, the coordinated communication between our nurse practitioner, dietician and lactation consultant gave our family the reassurance and confidence that we were getting the attention that we needed. Our care providers were on the ball, following up with phone calls to check-in, and just when we needed it the most, assured us that we were doing a great job as new parents, and that our baby was lucky to have us - something every new parent needs to hear! We are so grateful to #ourCHC and our care providers that go above and beyond, every day. 
Our best,
Gillian & Gui